The Unique Taste of Thailand
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Wine For Thai Food

£5.95 (Glass) £21.95 (Bottle) Monsoon Valley White

Light Crisp, Fresh, Fruity Wine with Notes of Citrus, Lemongrass and a Watermelon Character, Especially Good with Green Curries, White Meat, Fish Dishes and Appetizers

£5.95 (Glass) £21.95 (Bottle) Monsoon Valley Red

Medium-Bodied, Spicy Character, with a Smooth Velvety Finish, Especially Good with Red Curries and Meat Dishes

£5.95 (Glass) £21.95 (Bottle) Monsoon Valley Rose

Light, Crisp, with Mango and Berry Highlights, Especially Good with Mixed Starters and Seafood

House Wine

£4.95 (Glass) £18.95 (Bottle) 1. J. Moreau Dry White

Easy Drinking Wine, Packed with Soft Ripe Fruit, Made from Blend of Classic French Varieties

£4.95 (Glass) £18.95 (Bottle) 3. J. Moreau Red Vin De France

Easy Drinking Wine, Packed with Soft Ripe Fruit, Made from Blend of Classic French Varieties

Sparkling Wine & Champagne

£21.95 4. Asti, Spumante, S.Orsola

The Elegant; Yet Richly Truly Bouquet of This Superb Asti is Matched by a Deliciously Concentrated Flavour on The Palate and Stylish Grape Acidity on The Finish

£60.95 6. Moet & Chandon, Brut Imperial

Moet & Chandon is the Biggest of the Grabdaes Marques, Producing over 20 Million Bottles a Year. A Consistent Dry Style with a Distinctive Flowery Aroma and Yeasty Character

French Regional Wine

£19.95 7. Sauvignon, Brodeaux

Bone Dry, with a Classic Fresh Grassy-Gooseberry Flavour Typical of a Sauvignon Blanc Grape, Grown in the Loire Valley


£19.95 8. Muscadet

Crisp, Clean and Refreshingly Dry, This Tradition Loire White is Delicious Either on Its Own or As an Accompaniment to Seafood

£29.95 9. L’Orme Sancerre

A Stylish, Crisp Sauvignon with the Tell-Tale Aroma of Gooseberries and Powerful Fruit Flavour Linked with a Clean Finish

£29.95 10. Pouilly Fume

Loir Sauvignon Blanc at its Best with Classic Gunflint and Gooseberries on the Nose, Cream Fullness on the Palate and Crisp, Dry Finish



£39.95 13. Chateauneuf Du Pape

An Exceptional Red Wine with a Full Taste. This is Delicious Bursting with Flavours

£19.95 14. Cotes Du Rhone

The Wine has a Ripe Fruit Taste with a Hint of Pepperiness Reflecting the Warm Climate and Traditional Grape Varieties


£29.95 16. St-Emillion

The High Percentage of Merlot Makes from a Very Black Curranty Wine, With a Rather Softer, Silky Style Than Most Clarets and a Dry, Velvety Finish


£25.95 17. Beaujolais Villages

Soft, Strawberry Fruit on the Nose with Silk Palate and Finish Produced in the Hilly Central Haut Beaujolais Region

£29.95 19. Henri La Fontaine Chablis

Flowery, Lively, Fresh and Mouth-Watering, Crisp Fruity Taste, with that Solid Slate Back Bone Only Found It True Chablis

Rose Wine

£19.95 20. Rose D Anjou

A Delicate Coral Pink Rose from Loire Using the Grolleau Grape. This Wine is Dry-Off, Clean with a Hint of Strawberry Sweetness

£19.95 21. Mateus Rose

Soft, Strawberry Fruit on the Nose and a Gentle Taste. Enlivened with a Slight Sparkle. It is Easy to Understand Why This Famous Portuguese Rose is So Popular


£19.95 22. Frascati Superiore

A Light Fruity with Made from Malvasia and Trebbiano Grapes Grown on the Hills Close to Rome

£21.95 23. Chianti

A Very Good and Generous Example of How Chianti Classico Should be Made. Fuller Bodied, More Concentrated and with Plenty of Structure



£19.95 25. Verdejo Joven

Fellow Colour with Greenish Glints, Fine Delicate Aromas of Tropical Fruits and White Flowers

£21.95 26. Rioja Blanco, Bodegas Muriel 2012

Light Pale Yellow with Greenish Reflections, This Refreshing White Wine is Limpid and Vivid Its Nose is Redolent of Bright Tropical and Citrus Fruits Complemented by White Flowers

£24.95 28. Campo Dorado Rioja

A Full-Bodied and Powerfully Built Red Wine Given Extended Ageing in Oak Barrels to Produce Mature, Blackberry and Baking Spice Flavours Across Along Persistent Palate Typical of Great Rioja


£19.95 30. Scenic Ridge Shiraz

Crimson Red with Soft Berry Fruit Characters, Using Two Popular Varieties, Showing Strong Fruit Characters and Ripe, Soft Tannins


£22.95 31. Gracia Chardonnay

Fresh Pineapple and Banana with Some Citrus Notes with a Delicate Touch of Butterscotch Taste the Latin Passion

£22.95 32. Gracia Merlot

This is a Full-Bodied Wine with Rich Aromas and Fine Plum and Black Cherry Flavours that Linger on the Long Finish Taste The Latin Passion


£19.95 34. Blossom Hill, Red

A Deep Coloured and Full-Bodied Spicy Red Wine Using California's "Own" Grape Variety with Rich Meaty Flavours and Soft Rich Tannins